How to create Laravel project with spesific version

Normally if you don't specify the laravel version when creating laravel project with composer, it will choose the latest version of laravel, so what if i want to use older laravel version?

How to check your Laravel version

Sometimes when you work on a project (laravel project), you didn't know exactly what laravel version you currently working on. In this article i will show you how to check laravel version.

How to create controller in Laravel 4.2

Controller is where you put most of your application logic, you can make an instance of a model inside controller and then display the information to a view, that's the idea of MVC (Model View Controller).

How to create model in Laravel 4.2

Okay right after we create a table, normally you need to create the model for that particular table, remember on the previous post we create two tables users and roles, now let's create the model.

How to create database migration in Laravel 4.2

To create and modify table in laravel we can use migration, it's quite simple and easy to use, there is dedicated artisan command for create, run and rollback the migration.

How to make Laravel built in web server accessible from network

Laravel does have a built in web server for quick and easy development, but this web server have some limitation, one of them is that it cannot be access from the network.

How to run Laravel 4.2 built in web server

Laravel 4.2 comes with built in web server, which can be use for quick development environment, this built in web server should not be used on production though.