How to get raw SQL query in Laravel

Using eloquent in laravel is very convenient, but sometimes you want to know the raw SQL query that's executed behind the scene, so how to get raw SQL query from laravel eloquent?

How to do insert using DB table in Laravel

How to do insert using DB table in Laravel

In laravel you can insert data to a table in two ways, the first one and the most common is using a model, create a model for that table and then insert the data, the second way is using DB::table(), in this article i will show you how to insert to database table using DB::table().

How to do raw query in Laravel

Besides the standard methods for database query that are available on laravel, you also have an option to do raw query, in this article i will show you how to do raw database query in laravel.

php artisan migrate command in Laravel

The 'php artisan migrate' command lets you run the database migration on your application, but there is more than that, there are other variant of this command that you can use such as rollback, reset, refresh, status, install and so on.

How to add and drop indexes in Laravel schema builder

On your laravel database migration you can define indexes for each table that you create, for example you can add primary key, unique value, or just a basic index. All can be done in laravel schema builder.

Laravel 4.2 schema table column types

These are list of schema table column types that you can use when creating database migration on laravel 4.2, most of these column types also available on laravel 5, this post is just for quick reference.